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Talent Optimization

Fix mis-hires, ineffective leaders, and disengagement.

Intentionally design and measure your organization to create magical teams, unlock productivity, and boost retention.

Employee Training

Talent Planning

Increase the confidence of your leadership teams in their ability to successfully execute their business strategy. Improve your team’s ability to deliver business results. Reduce organizational and team friction by aligning strategy, goals, management, and culture of your organization.


Hiring is a critical activity in any organization regardless of its size, industry, or state of maturity. The ability to hire well sets the stage for future organizational success. Putting the right person in the right role also contributes to others’ confidence in the organization’s overall effectiveness; top performers prefer to work with other top performers.

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Understanding team dynamics is hard. But if you get how people are behaviorally wired, and the ways they prefer to communicate, you can maximize their engagement and productivity. Stop losing great people—and productivity—from ineffective management. Develop exceptional managers your people will actually want to work for.

Employee Engagement

Stop disengagement in its tracks. Isolate the causes of low engagement and performance and take action to fix it. Pinpoint the root cause of your underlying people problems and making strategic changes or changes to day-to-day execution.

Distracted Employees
HROD Importance

Individual and Team Performance

Managers are facing challenges with limited tools and inadequate insights into their people. This affects retention, performance, and profits. Develop your managers, enhance accountability, and engage your people every day boost productivity and engagement during 1:1s, team meetings, projects, goal setting and more.